The 2019 Print Expectations That Duplo Will Help You To Exceed

The 2019 Print Expectations That Duplo Will Help You To Exceed

We are almost 4 weeks into January, everyone is back to business and stuck into achieving those 2019 goals. In the business world marketers are looking for new ways to grab people’s attention, its a time where we are surrounded by promotion after promotion so differentiation is key. Bring designs to the next level

Another amazing capability of the DuSense is its ability to take a flat design and draw it from the page. We know this adds a quality feel, but it will also completely transform your design enhancing every detail. This adds an unseen excitement to the page achieving the exact impact every marketer is looking for.

New demands are starting to appear, presenting printers with opportunities to deliver techniques that enhance the finished product. So, what are the growing demands of 2019:

1) Delivering a premium print that offers the ‘wow’ factor. So many are searching to translate something extra special, with that high-end feel for their brand.

2) The growing requirement for personalisation that is hugely changing the print industry. The pressure to compete with tailorable capabilities of online has introduced the need for shorter, tailored and alternating in design print runs.

3) Graphic designers are being pushed to be more creative and therefore are eager to find ways to enhance their designs as much as possible to achieve that highly desired impactful design, boosting their overall marketing mix.

It is now possible to achieve this…

Deliver that ‘wow factor’ print

With print embellishment from the Duplo DuSense you can transform a print to a piece of artwork that speaks to all the senses. The detailed demonstration of texture delivers an extremely unique and highly premium feel. Gain a flexible finishing process

Duplo pride themselves in products that are not only highly efficient but also can be catered specifically to your needs. Whether it’s the endless variations of your intelligent collator, or the renown smooth workflow and coordination of the Duplo combined systems. Duplo products hugely support the ability to increasingly vary and tailor more conveniently, equipping you with the power to offer new potential for client’s personalisation and tailoring needs. Print needs are continually changing, at Duplo we work alongside these changes to deliver a solution that meets your needs, plus continues to do so throughout and beyond 2019.