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Maximising Cost Efficiency through Efficient Printing Practices

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Maximising Cost Efficiency through Efficient Printing Practices

Cost efficiency is vital in a climate where managing print costs is a key priority - our efficient printing practices will be invaluable.

When we talk about maximising cost efficiency, we’re referring to a change in your business practices that saves money for your business by improving the printing process. This article will go thorough in detail what these improved printing practices may involve, and how they boost cost efficiency in the workplace. You will also learn the important terms of the trade, and why to make the switch to efficient printing practices! With that said, do read on.

Anything we do not cover within our article, we’re happy to elaborate on in person or over the phone. Don’t hesitate to contact the Duplo International team.

Why do businesses still depend on print solutions?

Printing is still very much important in our digital world. People will always need business cards, customers will always look for merchandise, packaging will remain essential, advertisements will always involve posters, flyers, brochures and more.

There’s good reason for why businesses still depend on print solutions, too.

Print solutions target potential customers

By neglecting printed media in favour of social media marketing and the digital world, you miss out on thousands of potential customers. Many clients, not necessarily of the older generation, still value the feeling of paper held in their hands, or the glossy shine of a business’s poster. This is partially why ensuring your printing practices are cost efficient is so important. You need to produce a vast quantity of printed materials to ensure word about your business is spread far and wide.

Everyday tasks rely on printing

Everyday tasks for a corporate employee still rely heavily on printing, too. For example, if you enter an important boardroom meeting, it’s absolutely essential that you have physical copies of important documents, including contracts. Printed note cards also enhance the quality of a digital presentation, so making sure to invest in print cost management both benefits your service to customers, and the internal function of your business.

The long-lasting design benefits of print

If you want your business’s brand to stand the test of time, printing remains the perfect solution. Brochures, posters and advertising booklets are long-lasting, and immortalise the design and concept of your brand for the future. Their vivid colour and diverse design options are a valuable marketing opportunity that cannot be discounted in our modern age.

Benefits of making the switch to efficient printing practices

The main bonus of efficient printing practices is reduced costs for producing a vast range of printed media - But some of the additional benefits of moving to sustainable printing practices include:

  • Fast turnaround making you more competitive
  • Reduced energy costs
  • A sense of social responsibility that enhances your business’s reputation
  • Satisfied employees who can devote time to more important tasks


The cost efficient printing practices of Duplo International

At Duplo International, our very first system was launched to improve efficiencies, over 60 years later  we have many different tools for cost efficient printing practices that we can provide, and aid your business in developing. Take Duplo International’s DC-Range, for example.

Our DC-Range is designed to help businesses produce more printed content, with less. Efficiency doesn’t have to correlate with complexity: our printing practices are as simple to operate as they are efficient. We intend to automate as many manual processes as we can as part of boosting printing efficiency – this reduces operating times, the potential for human error, materials, costs and so much more.

Specifically, our DC systems are designed to consume less energy, achieve more in a single pass, integrate with smart technologies and report on your operational efficiency. This allows you to spot trigger points for excess costs and inefficient functionality, and deal with them accordingly.

The multi-finishers within our DC-Range enable our customers to achieve 4 finishing processes in one pass, the pinnacle of efficient printing. In addition, our DC systems, even when running for the entire working day, will cost no more than 91p in energy!

Ultimately, Duplo International has always worked towards maximising the cost efficiency of business’s printing practices with renowned, integrated, and automated print solutions. In everything we do, we strive to enhance print workflow. Smarter printing practices are the future, employees will no longer waste their time on manual tasks, taking them away from important tasks elsewhere.

Get in touch with Duplo International, today.

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