Why are brands replacing big brochures with bespoke booklets?

Travel brochure

Short run and personalisation has been a growing print trend for some time now, but we haven’t seen this growth as much in brochures or booklets. Automated and connected print solutions are about to change all of that as we see print providers investing in automating their booklet making to be able to offer clients bespoke booklets oppose to generic mass ran brochures or catalogues.

Why is there such a shift for bespoke booklets instead of large catalogues?

  • Higher engagement
  • Less waste
  • A premium branding

“Consumers are 60% more likely to become a repeat buyer after a personalised experience”

Higher engagement

Brands know that if they present the consumer with the information most relevant to their purchase history, demographic, or other data they are more likely to engage. Additionally, content immediately becomes more accessible for the consumers as they are only sent what they want to read rather than flicking through pages of unwanted information to find what they are looking for.

Even purely online brands are turning to printed catalogues after research by Harvard Business Review says luxury online retailer experienced an ROI of 600% after 6 months of publishing a bi-monthly magazine. (1)

Less waste

With bespoke booklets or brochures, you are only printing selective content, which means printing less, resulting in less time, money, and resources. This is a huge appeal for many brands and businesses that are trying to take every measure they can to act more sustainably – and not to mention the reduced cost also associated with this.


Receiving a targeting, or even a personalised booklet though the door creates a bespoke experience which engages, but also adds a huge amount of value for the consumer. This tactic is a great one for brands that want to nurture their customers and reflect themselves in a highly premium way.

Whether it be fashion, travel, education or motoring most sectors are shifting towards bespoke booklets and brochures to better engage their customers. See below an example of how you could add value for your clients by offering bespoke booklet marketing. Contact us to talk about tools for automated short-run or variable data booklet making.

university magazine
retail magazine


Source: Sappi Papers, The Marketer’s Guide to Marketing in Print, 19 Dec 2022.